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Suntree Soaps - Meet The Maker

My name is Kathy and I am the owner/creator of Suntree Soaps. My soap making journey began in 2001.  A journey born out of passion and necessity.  Passion for true all-natural products that are kind and gentle to our skin and the environment. Necessity as my young son was developing irritations and dry skin.

I knew that I wanted to create products with high quality, sustainable, earth-friendly & plant-based ingredients. I also needed to deliver a nourishing, mild, long-lasting & lathery bar of soap. With that in mind, each ingredient has been intentionally chosen for their unique beneficial properties, vitamins & minerals. Made in small batches, we only use high quality essential oils which add aromatherapy benefits along with natural plant based colours to provide you with a rainbow of options.  The addition of clays and botanicals add even more nourishing properties to the bars.  You can rest assured that we are creating vegan, cruelty-free products.

Although the journey began many years ago, the passion, vision & determination to create products that are beneficial to our skin while leaving a minimal footprint on the environment remains. As new products are introduced we always maintain our original philosophy, PURE | PLANT BASED | NATURAL

Photocredit: Sydney Butters Photo

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