Elitia Hart Metal Art

Elitia Best Profile Elitia Hart is a South African born metal artist living in Calgary, Canada. Having worked with and explored a variety of artistic materials and techniques she found my true medium of expression when introduced to metal sheet embossing in 1999. Metal Embossing is the process of creating an ornamental 3-dimensional design in malleable metal sheet, giving volume and texture by raising, engraving and/or embossing with the use of basic hand tools to create decorative effects.

She creates one-of-a-kind metal embossed art pieces including custom hand tooled pewter mirror frames, boxes, journals etc….

For the past 13 years she has enjoyed sharing her passion,knowledge and metal art techniques through teaching introductory and advanced metal art classes and workshops at her home studio, retail stores and social groups across Canada.

Her Online store sells Metal Art Workshops, tools and supplies.